Cookie policy

Cookie policy

We use third party cookies for statistics. We use our third party cookies from Siteimprove to measure website traffic and to optimise and improve content, structure and user experience through statistical analysis.
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About cookies
 A cookie is a text file that is saved in your browser, which means that if you return to a website, the server will recognise you as a user. A cookie does not collect any personal data, so it cannot identify you. In addition, a cookie is a passive file that does not contain viruses or other harmful programs.

When you visit our website, you will be shown a banner with information about our use of cookies.  The banner gives you a choice of whether to reject or accept cookies. If you choose to reject the cookies set by the website, by clicking the button “No thanks”, we will use a cookie to remember your choice.

If you wish to avoid cookies altogether, you need to disable cookies in your browser. Disabling cookies can result in functions of the website being unavailable to you.

If you accept cookies by clicking the button ”OK”, cookies will be placed and the banner disappears.

Would you like to know more?
 If you want to know more about cookies, how to block them, and how to delete them, you can read more (in Danish only) on the website

You can read more about the legislation on cookies on the Danish Business Authority’s website.

You can read our cookie policy at any time in the link in the footer on the website, wherever on the website you are.