Help and guidance

Help and guidance

Here are information about organisations and public authorities that may be useful for you.

Authorities, councils, etc.


Legal advocate and defence counsel


  • Victim Support Denmark
    The Victim Support Denmark helps victims, witnesses and relatives in association with violent and shocking experiences such as accidents, crime and road traffic accidents. The Victim Support provides guidance on further help from both professionals and other voluntary organisations. The Victim Support is nationwide, anonymous and open 24 hours a day.

  • Red Cross
    Red Cross offers support and guidance for socially vulnerable families, as well as women and children who have been victims of violence.

Violence, sexual assault and stalking

  • Centre for Sexual Assault
    Centre for Sexual Assault at the National Hospital of Denmark is a special unit that holds an interdisciplinary treatment service for children, young people and adults who have been subject of sexual assaults such as incest, rape, attempted rape or other sexual violations.

  • Centre for victims of rape – contact information (in Danish)
    Centre for victims of rape holds nine 24-hour rape victims centres.

  • Danner (organisation helping women and children against violence) (in Danish)
    The Danner crisis centre help women and their children, if they have been exposed to violence in close relations. Danner also has a 24-hour phone counselling, where victims of violence and relatives can get help and advice in regards to violence in close relations.

  • The Danish Women's Society's Shelter
    The Danish Women’s Society’s Shelter is a separate and independent unit below Danish Women Society, who runs two residence and counselling centres. They offer anonymous counselling for both victims and relatives.

  • Danish Stalking Centre
    The organisation offers specialised counselling and treatment for victims and violators of stalking. Danish Stalking Centre also offer free and anonymous phone counselling.

  • Dialog against Violence (in Danish)
    Dialog against Violence offers specialised psychological therapy for families affected by violence.

  • Victim Aid (in Danish)
    Help Victims of Violence offers to help and guide victims, relatives and others after a crime – including person related crimes such as violence, robbery, rape and other sexual assaults.

  • The Joan Sisters
    The Joan Sisters is a female political organization, working female politically on the social problem sexual and physical abuse against women, and providing support for women who have been victims of violence, rape, sexual harassment and/or sexual assaults in their childhood through women-to-women counselling.

  • Lev uden vold (organisation for a life without violence) (in Danish)
    Organization for a life without violence offers counselling for victims of violence, perpetrators of violent acts and relatives. The organization also offer juristic guidance on for example divorce, custody and municipal benefits. Besides that, the organization also have subsequent care groups, where victims can get help processing experiences of violence as well as treatment services for perpetrators of violence.

  • LOKK (National organisation of women’s shelters in Denmark)
    LOKK – The national organisation of women’s shelters in Denmark is an NGO whose purpose is to strengthen the individual crisis shelters work to prevent and fight physically and psychologically violence against women and children. LOKK can for example help find the closest available women’s shelter and has a 24-hour anonymous hotline

  • Mandecentret (in Danish)
    Mandecentret is an organisation providing support for men who have been victims of violence.


Digital violation

  • Association for Digital Responsibility (in Danish)
    The organization works with legislation and effective investigation of digital violations as well as knowledge about and targeted teaching of the consequences of digital violations.

  • Delete it (website about children navigating on the internet) (in Danish)
    Delete It is The Save the Child Funds counselling for children and young people experiencing that private or cross-border information, photos or videos are shared without consent.

  • Stop Harassment
    Stop Harassment is The Danish Women’s Society’s Shelter’s counselling for people older than 18 who experience that private, cross-bordering or offensive information, photos or videos are shared without consent.

Human trafficking

  • The Danish Centre against Human Trafficking
    Centre Against Human Trafficking works both internationally and nationally to help victims of human trafficking. Centre Against Human Trafficking offers amongst others support and guidance as well as juristic counselling through their many types of services for victims.

Honour-related conflicts

Economic cybercrime

  • Sikker Digital (in Danish)
    Sikker Digital offers advice and guidance for citizens, companies and governmental authorities on matters such as fraud, identity theft, swindle and black mailing.

  • No More Ransom
    The No More Ransom-website is an initiative from amongst others Europol. The purpose is to help victims of ransomware obtaining their encrypted data without having to pay the criminals.


  • Stop Theft (in Danish)
    Stop Theft advises on how to secure ones home in the best possible way against theft and what to do if it happens.