Medical examination

Medical examination

In some cases, a doctor may have to examine you. It is up to you whether to consent to an examination, but one is often necessary in order to secure evidence.

If you have experienced violence, you must go to the hospital casualty department immediately after the incident. At the hospital casualty department, you will be examined by a doctor who will describe your injuries.

The doctor's description of your injuries is required as evidence in a potential court case, or if you apply for compensation under the Victims Compensation Act.

If you have been sexually assaulted, a doctor may also need to examine you. The police will tell you if a medical examination is needed. If so, you will be examined at the hospital casualty department, the Centre for Victims of Rape, or the Centre for Victims of Sexual Abuse by people trained to examine victims of sexual abuse.

If a doctor has to examine a child, one of the parents must usually consent to the examination.