After the judgment

After the judgment

If you are a victim in a criminal case, you can ask the court or the prosecution service for a free copy of the judgment when the case is over.

If you have not been called as a witness before the district court but have asked to be told where and when the case will be heard in the district court, you will also be notified if the judgment is appealed to the high court at a later time. You will also be told if you are required to appear as a witness in the high court.

In some cases, you can ask the police to inform you when the perpetrator has finished serving his or her sentence or is released on probation. This is particularly relevant in cases of gross violence or sexual assault.

You can also ask the police to inform you of the perpetrator's first authorised temporary unaccompanied leave from prison and about any radio or TV appearance to be made by the perpetrator, etc.

For you to receive this information, the perpetrator must have been remanded in custody prior to conviction. Your legal advocate or the police can tell you more about your options.


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