Witness compensation

Witness compensation

You will receive compensation for giving evidence in court. The compensation awarded to witnesses is currently DKK 80.00. The compensation amount is calculated on the basis of the number of hours you spend giving evidence. The DKK 80.00 covers up to four hours. If you spend more than four hours giving evidence, you will receive further compensation.

If going to court causes you a financial loss, for example, loss of earnings, the court may also increase your compensation. You must be able to prove your loss.

If you are a public employee giving evidence as part of your job, you are not entitled to witness compensation. Your employer will pay you for the time you spend in court.

If the distance to the courthouse is more than three kilometres, you can have your transport expenses to and from court reimbursed. If you travel by bus, train, or ferry, you will be reimbursed for the cost of a standard ticket. As a rule, you cannot be reimbursed for taxi expenses. If you drive your own car, you will receive compensation in accordance with the current rates. This normally means that you will receive an amount corresponding to the cost of using the cheapest form of public transport.

The court will decide the size of your compensation and have the amount transferred into your NemKonto Easy Account.