About the Prosecution Service

About the Prosecution Service

We work for justice

At the Prosecution Service, we work daily to protect the due process of law and ensure procedural fairness in every criminal case. Our core task is to prosecute criminal offences, and we have a role in upholding Denmark’s position as one of the world’s foremost nations founded on the rule of law. We make sure that people who are guilty are brought to justice and that those who are not avoid prosecution. High ideals of objectivity, independence, and integrity govern the way we treat all people and cases.

The Prosecution Service is an old institution with deep-seated values. At the same time, we have a culture of development in which we strive continuously to improve and renew ourselves – and thus preserve our fundamental values. We are proud that Denmark is among those countries with the greatest public confidence in their criminal justice systems. You can recognise us by the quality of our work. We see it as a vocation where integrity is the very meaning of our work. You can also recognise us by the clarity of everything we say and do, and you will find that we communicate and are present in a relevant, timely, and trustworthy manner. And you can recognise us by our dedication, because we actually love our jobs, and because we belong to a strong community of competent and ambitious people.

Most of our 1.500 staff members work in Denmark's 12 police districts, where they appear before the district courts. In addition, the Prosecution Service comprises the state prosecutors' offices, which supervise the police districts and conduct criminal proceedings in the high courts. The senior manager of the Prosecution Service is the Director of Public Prosecutions, who appears as a prosecutor in the Supreme Court. 

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