Faroe Islands Police

Faroe Islands Police

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Faroe Islands Police
Yviri við Strond 17
Post Office box 3018
FO-110 Tórshavn

Tel.: (+298) 35 14 48
Email: politi@politi.fo

About the Faroe Islands Police prosecution service

The Faroe Islands have a single overall police force that covers its 30 local authority districts.

The Faroe Islands Police is divided into three police districts: North, Central and South. Its headquarters are located in District Central in Tórshavn, where the prosecution service is also based. In addition, there are local police stations in Klaksvík in District North and in Tvøroyri in District South. The prosecution service conducts criminal proceedings before the Court of the Faroe Islands, located in Tórshavn.

The Faroe Islands Police prosecution service has around 10 staff members, organised as one joint prosecution division with a wide array of responsibilities ranging from general and special criminal cases to quality assurance and Development.