State Prosecutor of Copenhagen

State Prosecutor of Copenhagen

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State Prosecutor of Copenhagen
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About the State Prosecutor of Copenhagen

The State Prosecutor of Copenhagen handles the conduct of appeals cases before the Eastern High Court, specifically those relating to cases investigated by the Copenhagen Police, the Western Copenhagen Police, the North Zealand Police, the Central and West Zealand Police, the South Zealand and Lolland-Falster Police, and the Bornholm Police. In addition, the State Prosecutor has the power to bring formal charges in all jury trials belonging under these police districts.

The State Prosecutor's Office also supervises the police districts' processing of criminal cases and deals with complaints against police commissioner decisions to criminally prosecute such cases. Finally, the State Prosecutor's Office also deals with cases regarding compensation following criminal prosecution, and supervises the length of penalty measures.

The State Prosecutor of Copenhagen employs around 60 staff members, 35 of whom are legal consultants and 25 are administrative employees.