The Prosecution Service launches English-language website

The Prosecution Service launches English-language website

20 December 2017
By Sofie Guldager Rafn

From December English-speaking citizens, international media, and business partners will also be able to learn more about the activities of the Danish Prosecution Service. 

English-speaking citizens in Denmark and abroad, international media, journalists, and business partners – everyone should have the opportunity to read about and understand who the Danish Prosecution Service is and what it does. Accordingly, the Prosecution Service has produced an English-language version of its website.

Denmark is among those countries whose citizens have the greatest confidence in the law-based society to which they belong. Therefore, the Prosecution Service believes it is important to consider non-Danish-speaking users, says Mikkel Thastum, Head of Communication at the Prosecution Service.

‘Some of our users are people whose first language is not Danish. It’s important that we also meet their need for information about our work, how the Prosecution Service is organised, and what to expect if they are a witness, victim, or defendant in a criminal case in Denmark,’ he says.

In addition, international media and business partners are showing a growing interest in information about the work of the Prosecution Service and news about criminal cases.

‘The Prosecution Service has noted a rise in the number of cross-border criminal cases with international profiles, which naturally spark intense interest from journalists worldwide. That’s why it’s important for us to be able to meet this demand, for example, by providing relevant news in English,’ says Head of Communication, Mikkel Thastum.

Examples of criminal cases that have attracted major international attention include the extradition of a South Korean woman charged with fraud, a man from northern Jutland indicted for blasphemy after burning the Quran, and a girl from Kundby convicted of planning a terror attack.